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Web Cams

Map of Web Cam locations

EarthCam - Worldwide
WebCam - Worldwide
WorldLive Webcams - specializes in European webcams
Live - Free Webcams - new listing of world webcams

Camscape - another web cam compendium

CamMap - web cam compendium for the U.S. - major cities only

Lonely Planet - Worldwide maps and information
Webcam Dashboard - Eclectic listing of webcams worldwide
clickable maps for cities all over the world. Emphasis on Germany

make your own map

WeatherOnline (good source of webcam information) (good source of webcam information)
Tom's owl webcam site

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City Street Cams

New York City
Major California cities
Major Texas cities
Major Canadian cities
WXnation: weather, radar, and webcams
Find the streets with Google Maps

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North Pole and Polar Regions

North Pole
Collection of north circum-polar web cams
WebCams in Northern Canada
Alaska webcams
Greenland: Sisimiut
Greenland: Nuuk (Godthab)
Greenland: Nuuk (Godthab: weather and webcam)
Iceland: Reykjavik
Iceland: Stykkisholmur Harbor
Greenland: pictures and information

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South Pole and Antarctica

South Pole
Info about South Pole stations
Neumayer Station
Mawson Station
Davis Station
Casey Station

See also position of stations on world map

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Clickable maps of major European cities

UK: Cardiff
UK: Devon County: Exeter
UK: Leeds: University
UK: London: Belushi's Bar
UK: London: London Eye
UK: London: skyline
UK: London: Lloyd's of London
UK: London - streets
UK: London - Big Ben
UK: London - Big Ben - Trafalgar Square - Covent Garden      Covent Garden happenings
UK: Portsmouth
UK: Reading
UK: Scotland: several webcams
UK: Scotland: Edinburgh
UK: Scotland: Glasgow - street view
UK: Scotland: Oban

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London web cam locations

France: Paris - Eiffel Tower - numerous cameras available  
Italy - Ischia (Naples)
Italy - Anzio Beach
Russia: Moscow - Red Square  
Norway - webcams from the major cities
Norway: Stavanger  
Norway: Stavanger: Braivatnet – hotel I stayed in
Norway: Stavanger another view of the bay
Finland: market place view of Lahti
Sweden: Kolmarden
Denmark: Copenhagen
Denmark: Copenhagen: clickable map
Denmark: Copenhagen: another map
Denmark: Webcams all over the country
Netherlands: Amsterdam: Schiphol Airport
Netherlands: Amsterdam: Klaverstraat   Shopping area in the center of Amsterdam
Netherlands: View of the beach and boulevard in Scheveningen
Germany: View on world famous "Reichsburg-Castle" and the Moselle River with the old and historic town of Cochem, Germany.
Germany: Munich
Germany: Frankfurt skyline
Spain: Barcelona traffic cams
Spain: Madrid skyline
Spain: Madrid Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol
Spain: Madrid: multiple traffic web cams
Spain: Praza de Obradoiro (Catedral de Santiago)

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North America

U.S.: Country-wide index
Maine: Acadia National Park
Vermont: Burlington wide-view with links to other Northeast web cams
New Hampshire: Mt. Washington
Connecticut: Hartford skyline
Connecticut: University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Boston: City view
Boston: Bay view
Boston: Prudential Building
New York City: Times Square. Multiple cameras
New York City: Statue of Liberty
New York City: Rockefeller Center
New York City: Tappan Zee Bridge, with numerous links to webcams all over New York City
New York area: multiple webcams
New York area: Hudson River Park
Pennsylvania: traffic cams across the state
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 20th St.
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Int'l Airport
Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh (3 cams)
North Carolina: Charlotte: multiple webcams
Georgia: Atlanta downtown
Georgia: Atlanta area traffic cams
Chicago - multiple cameras on the Sears Tower
Michigan: multiple webcams
Michigan: Eagle Harbor (North Peninsula)
Minnesota: Grand Portage
Minnesota: Duluth lake cam
Minnesota: St. Paul
Minnesota: Minneapolis/St. Paul traffic cams
Minnesota: Sault Ste. Marie
Wisconsin: Milwaukee city view
Missouri: St. Louis city view including archway
Nebraska and other midwest webcams
Florida: Daytona Beach
Florida: Daytona Beach streaming video
Louisiana: New Orleans Bourbon St.
Louisiana: New Orleans traffic cams
Texas: Houston
Texas: Houston: Museum of Natural Science
Texas: Galveston
Texas: Galveston Commodore Hotel, 37th and Seawall
Texas: Dallas School Book Depository
Texas: Austin. 8 webcams to choose from.
Texas: San Antonio: AlamoCam
Texas: Abilene
Texas: South Padre Island. Loaded with advertisements, though.
Colorado: Denver
Idaho: Sandpoint
California: Los Angeles skyline
California: Los Angeles / Santa Monica Bay
California: Los Angeles / Venice Beach
California: San Francisco: multiple views
California: San Francisco: wax museum
Washington: Seattle: Space Needle moveable cam
Alaska WebCams - select from several
Alaska: Anchorage and Mt. McKinley

Canada: country-wide listing
Canada - Calgary - downtown - Olympic Plaza
Canada - Edmonton - airport
Canada - Rockies - Canmore Three Sisters
Canada - Rockies - Banff - Sulfur Mountain
Canada - Whitehorse - downtown
Canada - East Coast - select from several (images are archived)
Canada - Goose Bay, Labrador

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Central America

Mexico: Telmex listing of webcams throughout Mexico
Mexico: Mexico City
Mexico: Mexico City webcams
Mexico: Guadalajara
Mexico: Veracruz
Mexico: Puerto Vallarta
Mexico: Puerto Escondido
Mexico: Cabo San Lucas
Mexico: Cancun
Panama: Panama Canal

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South America

Argentina: Buenos Aires  
Argentina: Buenos Aires - 9 de Julio from the roof of Banco Itaú
Argentina: Major intersections in Buenos Aires
Argentina: Buenos Aires: Cabildo - Catedral - Plaza de Mayo
Argentina: Falkland Islands
Argentina: Tierra del Fuego
Argentina: Tierra del Fuego webpage
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro - Sugarloaf
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro  
Chile: Santiago
Colombia: Bogota
Colombia: Cali
Peru: Lima
Venezuela: Isla Margarita
Venezuela: Caracas Airport

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South Africa: Capetown  
Zanzibar - the "Zanzicam"
Canary Islands: Lanzarote

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Middle East

Egypt: beach life in Hurghada
Isreal: Jerusalem
Isreal: Tel Aviv  
Lebanon: Beirut - Jounieh Highway
Lebanon: Beirut - Fouad Chehab Avenue
Iran: Teheran
Iran: Teheran

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Asia / Far East

South Korea: 3 live cameras broadcasting images from different parts of Chonnam National University.
Japan: Nagoya
Japan: Tokyo. Wallpaper material!   
Japan: Tokyo multiple cams
Hong Kong webcams
China: Shanghai: German School  
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
Thailand: Pattaya
Thailand: Phuket
Thailand: Udon Thani, Webcam live at the Aussie Pub.
India: New Delhi
Pakistan: Karachi

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Indian Ocean


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Australia / Pacific

Hawaii: Waikiki. Controllable cam
Hawaii: Maui beach
Hawaii: Maui. 12 webcams
Tahiti: Bora bora
New Caledonia. Pretty view.
Guam: Micronesia mall.  
Northern Marianas Islands. This camera is located in Tambon Baan Mai, about ten kilometers west of central Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima), Thailand. (About 250 K east northeast of Bangkok.)
New Zealand: Auckland  
Australia: Melbourne  
Australia: Adelaide
Australia: Perth cam: beach view and traffic cams
Australia: Surf cams: dominantly east coast
Australia: Ulladulla, New South Wales (just south of Sydney)

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